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Influencing Ourselves Through Self-Leadership

Leadership is about exercising influence to achieve an outcome. 

Leadership involves a realistic self-confidence, good self-management, personal flexibility and being able to relate to people well. Research has consistently showed that good leadership impacts the bottom line, enabling innovation, learning, and employee engagement.

Large organizations spend lots of money on leadership – resources not generally available to self-employed people and small business owners.

Self-leadership can be learned at an individual level.

Self-leadership is a process whereby people influence themselves to be able to perform consistently in a way that will achieve their goals. Self-leadership strategies address key aspects of behavior, thinking and emotions management that shape performance.  These strategies generate a sense of personal agency and emotional wellbeing that, in turn, help to reduce strain, conserve energy and increase personal effectiveness.

The Self-leadership strategies are captured in the Self-leadership questionnaire.  By working through the questions you can reflect on your own self-leadership strengths and areas for further development.


  1. I establish specific goals for my own performance
  2. I make a point of tracking how well I’m doing at work
  3. I work toward specific goals I have set for myself
  4. I visualize myself successfully performing a task before I do it
  5. Sometimes I picture in my mind a successful performance before I actually do a task
  6. When I have successfully completed a task, I often reward myself with something I like
  7. Sometimes I talk to myself (out loud or in my head) to work through difficult situations
  8. I try to mentally evaluate the accuracy of my own beliefs about situations I am having problems with
  9. I think about my own beliefs and assumptions whenever I encounter a difficult situation

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