Psychology for Personal Growth

Opportunities for growth are often disguised as problems. We help you turn problems into solutions. We help people to change their lives by enabling them to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of where they want to be in life.

Obstacles can be temporary, as difficult life events challenge our coping resources.  Or they can be more long standing, impacting many areas of life – including happiness, mental health, relationships, achievement of goals and maintaining one’s sense of purpose and meaning. Overcoming obstacles can be a journey of transformation.

The journey starts with insight.  Insight is what you experience when you gain clarity about what needs to change.  Next comes action where you learn and put into practice the skills and strategies that will make a difference.



About Clinical Hypnosis

Humans have the capacity to become deeply absorbed in their experience.

For example many people can relate to the experience of “highway trance”, or of losing track of time from being deeply absorbed in an enjoyable activity or relationship.

Hypnosis utilises this ability in a therapeutic way that enables a person to experience situations and problems creatively, leading to new perspectives and possibilities.

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