Researching Resilience in Small Business Owners (Survey)



Hello, my name is Anne Ward. I am a psychologist and executive coach.

As part of my Master of Psychology I am undertaking a research study and I would appreciate your help in this project.

The research focuses on resilience in small business, particularly on how small business owners experience and manage the demands of small business.

Regional communities rely on small business. Although creating a business can bring many rewards it also places unique demands on a person. These demands can cause stress and can lead to burnout and other health problems.  Recent research on levels of psychological distress in small business owners suggests there is a need to make more resources available to this group.

Whilst much has been invested in supporting mental health in the general workplace there is not much available to assist small business owners.  What works in larger organisations does not necessarily transfer to small business.

The purpose of my research is to identify the specific factors that promote resilience and psychological wellbeing among small business owners. I am inviting people who employ 20 people or less, to participate by completing a brief on-line survey questionnaire.

All responses will be anonymous. Your participation will help to obtain the volume of responses needed to ensure that valid conclusions can be drawn from the data.

My aim is that the insights gained from the study will help to inform the types of information and support that will assist small business owners.

On completion of the project I will provide an executive summary of the results, which will be made available to members.

To access the survey, please follow the link below.  This link will take you to a participant information sheet where you can find out important information about the research, followed by the on-line questionnaire.


Yours Sincerely

Anne Ward

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